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Recovering from the pandemic

February 17, 2021

Hard to believe, we can actually turn our thoughts to these four words…..”Recovering from the pandemic”.

The environment for arts and culture remains grim and cloudy, the level of federal support through income support programs has allowed many arts organizations to sustain their core operations and keep key staff with them. Often that means people are multi-tasking in their jobs, but I’ve learned that goes with the trade – arts managers typically do a little of everything. It has allowed the sector to pause and think – how will we return to performing – be it virtual, be it outdoors and importantly how will it look when performance venues can re-open. There is a strong role for provincial arts and culture support to take shape, and we hope the government will do this in the next year.

I came across an interesting post from Ludwig van Toronto – “ How Do We Help Cultural Industries Recover From the Pandemic?”  It is a short but inspiring read, on some of the positive thinking going on, and how arts and culture are actively re-imagining their world. We will continue to monitor the sector, what’s happening at government levels and maintain dialogue with arts organizations – partnering, sharing current ‘best practices’ is more important than ever.

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