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Canada Cultural Investment Fund, Endowment Incentives Component: Application Deadline: December 1, 2012

The deadline to apply for matching funds from the Canadian Heritage Endowment Incentives Component of the Canada Cultural Investment Fund is fast approaching.   The program encourages donors to contribute to endowment funds supporting professional arts organizations.

The Endowment Incentives Component of the Canada Cultural Investment Fund is a program of the Department of Canadian Heritage that  provides matching funds of up to one dollar for every dollar raised from private donors to create an endowment, or add to an existing one.  Arts organizations who have applied jointly with the Ontario Arts Foundation since the program’s inception in 2002 have received $ 5.0 million in matching grants.   The Ontario Arts Foundation is happy to provide additional information on the program and joint application process.

The Honourable Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Alan Walker, Executive Director of the Ontario Arts Foundation and Andrea Haughton, General Manager of the Kingston Symphony Association in Kingston for the announcement of arts and culture funding in the Kingston Area.  (Photo: Kate Yuksel)

The benefits of applying for matching funds are clear:

  • A donation or bequest from donors can be nearly doubled - an initial donation of $50,000 becomes $90,900 in permanent capital when matched (based on the 2011 matching rate of .82 cents on the dollar 
  • Income is long term and unrestricted, allowing an organization to determine how best it serves their operating needs.  
  • The matching model provides all donors, including those of modest means, the satisfaction of knowing their gifts are being leveraged for the long term benefit of arts organizations important to them.

In 2011, the Endowment Incentives Component paid over $18 million in matching grants to arts organizations across Canada. This strongly reflects the strength of private/public partnerships supporting the arts. The program continues to 2015, and we encourage arts organizations to participate, receive matching funds and grow long term capital and income.


For more information:

Alan Walker, Executive Director 
Ontario Arts Foundation 
awalker@arts.on.ca / 416-969-7413


Ann Boyd, Associate Director 
Ontario Arts Foundation 
aboyd@arts.on.ca / 416-969-7411

Program and Application Details:
Program and Application Details: Canada Cultural Investment Fund, Endowment Incentives

Frequently Asked Questions:
Frequently Asked Questions: Canada Cultural Investment Fund, Endowment Incentives

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