Personal Philanthropy

What's required for me or my family to establish a long-term fund?


First, let’s talk about what’s not involved!  Long-term funds are often set up by private foundations, which can be complicated, time-consuming and involves the following activities: 

  • Incorporating a private foundation


  • Securing registered charity status


  • Selecting and engaging an investment manager


  • Developing and implementing a plan for the work of the private foundation


  • Conducting the day to day management of the foundation


  • Preparing the Annual Canada Revenue Agency filing (T3010 – A)


  • Making arrangements for succession planning to ensure that philanthropic goals are achieved in the next generation



By contrast, establishing a fund at the Ontario Arts Foundation is an attractive and economic alternative. The process is straightforward and uncomplicated.

  • A donor makes a gift to the Foundation and receives an official receipt for income tax purposes.


  • The donor enters into an agreement with the Foundation that sets out the terms under which the Foundation will hold the fund and describes the charitable purpose for which the fund is established.

 The donor is assured that his/her philanthropic goals will be achieved now and in the future!


 ** Examples of Private Funds, Awards and Scholarships **


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