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The K.M. Hunter Artist Awards

The K. M. Hunter Artist Awards were funded by the K. M. Hunter Charitable Foundation from 1995-2018 and awarded mid-career, professional artists.  The awards were a means of encouraging artists through their craft while propelling them to the next level. The awards were given in the fields of dance, media arts, literature, music, theatre and visual arts. 

In 2019, The K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation decided that the K.M. Hunter Artist Awards program will no longer be part of their yearly initiatives. Due to changes in their board structure and development of new strategies they have decided to pursue a different model of granting in their Arts portfolio.

Read the K.M. Charitable Foundation's full statement here

The K.M. Hunter Artist Awards program has awarded close to a $1,000,000.00 ($944,000.00) to 139 artists over 23 years. This program was started by Martin Hunter in 1995 as a way to encourage artists to continue to have a space to grow and to develop their work. He was inspired to start this program because of a grant he himself received as a young playwright.


Past Recipients 

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